HAR file generates empty fields for Katalon Version 6.20

Since katalon update 6.20, the har files are being generated with empty values. I have a scenario which uses the har file generated by katalon and then view it in Har Viewer webapp. This worked perfectly fine till Katalon version 6.15 but not after the update.
Attaching the har files generated by two versions.<a class=“attachment”
harV6.15.har (1.7 KB)
harV6.20.har (950 Bytes)
Below is a snapshot of the comparison

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.Run a testcase with any of the available mock APIs hosted online in Katalon Version 6.15 and save the har file.
2.Now run the same testcase with Katalon Version 6.20 and save the har file.
3.Compare both the har files generated.
Just compare the two HAR files attached.

Expected result:
Entries like startedDateTime, response, creator should be generated.
Actual result:
Entries like startedDateTime, response, creator are not being generated.

Hi, is anyone looking into this?


Hi @saipraveenb1994,
Thank you for your report. We are looking into this issue.

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Thank you for the report. This was caused by changing HAR logger from BrowserMob proxy to our in-house library.

  • The entries.startedDateTime has been added back in the latest version.
  • The creator was for BrowserMob proxy so it is no longer used.
  • Regarding the response section, could you please share the test case so that we can reproduce the issue?