Groovy:unable to resolve class org.junit.After

Hello All,
I have upgraded from 7.0.4 to 7.2.6 version of Katalon and once the project is loaded after successful instal, i got the below error for one particular junit statement.

Groovy:unable to resolve class org.junit.After

I couldn’t find a solution. Can someone help me there?


This issue has been fixed v7.27. Please download at this link:


Why I can’t update from the version 7.2.6? I have the same problem and if I want to make it manually I will need to synchronize with git hub again.

Hello All,

I have found out that issue can be resolved within the existing version itself. In the version 7.2.6 and above, there is no need need to define ‘import org.junit.After’ as the Junit asserts are handled within this version itself. So, the workaround is to just remove that line from every test cases.

It worked for me.


Thank you duyluong.

Thanks for your solution to this problem. I had such error:

import static org.junit.Assert.* … unable to resolve class org.junit.Assert

Solution: comment out the line with import static org.junit.Assert.*.

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