Gmail OTP storing into excel


I need to capture the OTP from gmail chrome browser and store it into excel file later I will read the excel in android mobile testing so that I can put the OTP in my mobile application.

How do I do ?
I am able to login to gmail now my problem is

  1. How do I click on recent mail or based on subject or from sender? I am not able to capture the elements its saying elements not found
  2. How to read only OTP and write it to the excel?
  3. Help me to identify the correct element in gmail or chrome browser.

Please help me I am new to automation.

These plugin should be able to help you in your requirements

and then to write in excel

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Thanks for the help

I am not able to update and save the file, just I am able to create it. Please do let me know if you have any sample script for example.

I didn’t get what you are trying to say.

Sorry I don’t have any sample script for this example, If you are looking for how to use these plugins then you can check the repository of the plugin

By following both the links I am able to get the email body read but its coming in Hash format “000000000000937a8e0587d16766”
My question is how do I conver it into text format

I am unable to update the excel sheet using script, its not saving.

For this I am asking if you have any scrip/video please do share so that I can useit



Hashes are one way, you can go from text to hash but not the other way.
Is this some key value?
check this page