Extract OTP from email and add it to the login form

My work flow is like this. I have a login with email and password. after giving an email on the login form it will send an OTP for the given email. to proceed to next step, i need to get that sent otp to the login form. how it is possible and the what is the way of doing it? already read this article as well(Read and Write Gmail Messages Keywords) . it seems like that plugin does not support anymore

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Hi @rushantha ,

Thank you for sharing your concern. I found this guide on extracting OTP from Gmail. Please take a look!


Thanks @Elly_Tran , I’ll check with this :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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This can be the solution. but I’m using free version of katalon. when I’m trying to execute that code it shows ‘‘Your project contains custom keywords, a studio enterprise feature. some tests might not work as expected until you upgrade your account’’ message. and getting failed. i think this might work with the enterprise version

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You can put some methods at the top of your TC (but below your import statements) and then use them within your test script.

Edit: These would not be Keywords, but just methods. Therefore, you would not use the “@Keyword” phrase.