Global Variables reorganization

I’d like to make a suggestion to be able to move Global Variables up and down like test cases for better organization. I have hundreds of Global Variables because of the way my application works (before you suggest I use local variables and such, I already know but this is just how my application requires to be done). Thanks.



Anything with a clickable column header should be sortable, IMO. This is the 21st century, right? I mean, it’s _soft_ware, right? B)


Any potential on this? Would really like to reorganize my GlobalVariables easier without having to open up the file itself and manually do it. Would also be really helpful if we were able to group GlobalVariables into folders.

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Certainly it’d be great to have insert or move up/down buttons in order to have better organization of the variables…Since the current version does not provide this feature so the variables would be messy once adding too many variables…

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