Github and 2FA problem

Katalon cannot clone a repositiry from github if two factor authentication is enabled on github. It keeps asking for username and password until it eventually fails.

Please try Github’s personal access token and let us know if it works.

When you have two-factor authentication enabled, Basic Authentication for most endpoints in the REST API v3 requires that you use a personal access token or OAuth token instead of your username and password.


Thanks, two factor authentication in github is working fine by generating " Personal access token" and placing it in the user name filed (leave password blank) :smiley:

Just got an email from Github which said:


Hi @javaspeak,

You recently used a password to access the repository at javaspeak/enigma_dev_katalon with git using JGit/

Basic authentication using a password to Git is deprecated and will soon no longer work. Visit for more information around suggested workarounds and removal dates.

The GitHub Team


It is becoming a priority that Katalon Devs support 2 factor authentication as the username / password method is soon to be dis-continued - I think as soon as August 2021

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