Getting error in Katalon 7.0.6 when upgraded from Katalon Version 6.1.5


I Upgraded Katalon from version 6.1.5 to Katalon 7.0.6
I am getting the below seen issued. when I try to run the TestCases
2.Unable to open HTTP Body Editor when I open the Test cases

All the Testcases were working good when I was using Katalon 6.1.5

Pls support

and not able to open the Test cases and save also.image

With Katalon Studio 7.0.4
I have this error :

Hi @jeremie.pichot,
Please share the error log. You can find it under Help > Error Log

Was there ever a resolution to this. I am upgrading to Katalon 7.2.1 and received the same "Unable to open HTTP Body editor dialog box saying ‘java.nio.channels.ClosedByInterruptException’.

Hi @Sean_Sparks,
Sorry for the late response. You can send us the error log fine. It can be found under Help > Error Log. In the mean time, please try download Katalon package from our website to see if the problem still persists.

I too am getting this error with 7.2.7. Here is the log for the session.

Katalon_error_session_log.txt (37.3 KB)

Another session

Katalon_http-body-header.txt (33.2 KB)


Any update to this? A team member of mine is experiencing this same error.

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Stop the katalon-> run eclipsec.exe file-> Start Katalon. This worked for me.