Getting an error upon clicking of Start Record

Hi @Bepgirl94

In Windows most often when Chrome is installed, its version information is written into Windows registry. This is also where Katalon Studio goes to see if Chrome exists or not.

The message indicates that your Chrome’s version information is not written in Windows Registry. This usually means that Chrome is not installed yet, but in your case I see Chrome is already being opened, so I think it was abnormally installed.

I suggest uninstall and then re-install Chrome to see if this fixes the issue.

Regards !

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Hello @ThanhTo

I already have a hunch about the portable Chrome. Encountered the error when I was using a portable Chrome that’s why I installed an actual Chrome, but then again, even though I already installed it, I was still getting the same error.

I will uninstall and re-install the Chrome .

Thank you for your insight and quick response on this. Have a nice day.

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