Get the version of the mobile application that will be tested

Hi everyone

Is there a way or course of action to test the mobile version of the app?
the case is like this: “I want to run the test in v1.1 with step A, and if version is v2.0 I want to run the test with step B”
is there a way for this, with installed app version parameters?


Can anyone help? I think it will require some logics here

Hi @msuryana45
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correct me if I’m wrong

  1. you created a test script for v1.1
  2. you are referring to the apk v1.1 for execution
  3. you are running the test script
  4. got updated APK v2.0
  5. you are referring to the apk v2.0 for execution
  6. you are running the test script in v2.0

then there is no need to refer the app version to be validated and execute the test script

if you have a scenario like that then please proceed with the updated apk alone and keep the script designed for v1.1 for testing backward compatibility.

for you case please do a smoke test on both the applications and check there is any mentioning of apk version inside the application

if there is any fetch the version from the application and use if(condition){} else {} and based on the text in the version you can proceed to do your execution.