Get data from different URLs

Hello everyone,

I have a list of cities (934 cities) where I need to get the price per M².

My scenario is the following:

Do you have an idea how to do this ?
My city list is on an excel

Thanks you very much

start to look here:

This does not meet my needs. I am on the studio version (with the chrome extension) and I only want to scrape the big bold number according to the cities

What Chrome extension? Are you talking about Katalon Recorder?

Going by this: How to upload photos to an ad site? you are using Katalon Recorder which is not Katalon Studio.

If you don’t post to the correct forum category, you will just confuse people. If you don’t formulate your queries correctly, you will confuse people into giving you incorrect/unhelpful answers.

This would be understandable for a new user, but you’ve been around since Oct 2021 so you should know which product you’re using and be able to state it clearly.

Yes, sorry that’s right
It’s an oversight on my part.
I left tech for a few years and I’m coming back to take over the software.

Do you have an idea for my problem?

No, sorry. But I moved your post to the correct forum.

@jamfouiny Not sure if you’re looking still to solve this, but here are some tips if you are:

  • Export the Excel document to a CSV document (call it Cities.csv for this example)
  • Make sure the column header for your cities list has the label ‘CityName’
  • You want to ensure whatever the city name is, it matches the first result shown in the drop down (e.g. as on that site, it can have a lot of options shown in the drop down, but if the search query is specific enough, it should match the one you want)

Then, once this is ready, go to the ‘Test Data’ area on the left-hand side of the Katalon Recorder window and import this CSV file (via the folder icon to the right of this label).

The following script should then work to do what you’ve requested…