Cucumber reports folder is not generating when run from Test runner class

Dear Team,

When Feature file is ran from Test Runner class, cucumber reports folder is not generated. and able to see when we run from feature file itself & ran with Test suite.

V 6.3.3 Attached screenshots for reference.

I have noticed that report.html file looks like normal steps when we run from Test suite along with test runner.

is there any possibility to get the feature wise.

Please suggest me

Ravindra.GCucumber%20reports%201 Without%20Cucumber%20reports

Dear Team,

Can some one please help me on this or suggest any work around.I have tried in 6.3.2 and 6.3.3


Hi gurajalaravindra,

Kindly try the latest version 8.1.0 on Katalon, we came a long and now provide integration to Cucumber,
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