Folder-Tests (AutoSuite) - Run tests by right-clicking on parent folder

Hey guys,
This didn’t really bother me before but as we continue to add more tests in our suite, it has to come up.

Why can’t we right-click on a parent folder and run all the child tests in it? This function/design is available in all IDE and test framework.

I’m suggesting this function to align with other framework and make life easier for QA folks.


Hi @ashraf.madina,

Yeah, good idea! /=), I will create a ticket for this and propose it to our team.
And what do you think if we could do the same for a specific test-case too?


Hi @ashraf.madina

Could you please describe the problem you have? If you want to execute multiple test cases, you can add them to a test suite and execute the suite.



There is no problem per se.

This is a proposal to auto-create suites for each folder present in the Test Cases folder in the Tests Explorer. When a folder is selected (Address in the example below), Katalon builds a suite with the contents of folder and executes it.

I would also like to see multi-selection working too:

In my view, this is an entirely dynamic, ad hoc suite - the suite is not saved and is thrown away at the end of the run.

You could decide not to use the Run button and add it to the right-click context menu instead.


Hi @Jass,
Russ basically explained everything I’d say.

Thanks Russ. :+1:

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@Jass @ThanhTo

The question could arise, “Then what is a conventional suite for?”


Folder-driven suites execute Test Cases in alphanumeric order, just like they appear in the Tests Explorer folders. When you need to control the precise ordering of test cases, use a conventional Test Suite.

Which might lead to this question:

“Is there nothing I can do to influence the order?”


Name your Tests Cases beginning with a number - three digits, perhaps:

005 - Test Login
010 - Test Add User
015 - Test Delete User

Leaving gaps allows you to defer renumbering which would be painful with a lot of tests. Even so, I’d still advise using conventional suites for “workflow” or “user-story” testing.

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Hi @Russ_Thomas and @ashraf.madina,

Thanks for your elaboration. Our team understands what the feature looks like now.

Yet we would appreciate it if you could tell us eventually your requested feature is to help execute test cases more quickly without creating a conventional test suite, or it helps you tackle other issues that we aren’t aware of. May we know exactly what the issues are?


Mostly that, yes. Like I said, ad hoc testing.

Like I said, no actual issues or real problems.

There are times when a specific area of the AUT needs to be tested. With the auto-suite feature in place, this would be easy to do. Right now, I might choose to run a full suite, or a slightly smaller one, but either way, there might be tests in those suites that are not relevant.

The best software solutions share many things in common. One of those things is immediacy – the ability to effect an action immediately. Regular conventional suites involve planning and maintenance. Auto-suites would allow the tester to shoot from the hip, no planning required.

Repeat: The auto-suites should NOT be saved. They should be built at the time the execution is started and then thrown away.

Note: I’m not sure what the best name is for this feature - perhaps others can add to this list:

  1. Auto-suite
  2. Folder-suite
  3. Folder-Test
  4. ???

To add to what Russ said, the need to tests only certain components and area of an Application is very much an important process in today’s SDLC, especially working with modern technologies. This is why this feature would be relevant as we can execute tests on certain components or pages by selecting a parent folder at a given time where the tests inside that folder are executed.

This is an on-demand testing and as Russ said, immediacy is very critical. This feature is available in most of the IDE and Frameworks in the market.

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I would second this feature. This would be a very useful thing to have.

Earlier I said…

However, it might be useful to have a second option: Build Suite from Selection

When this option is chosen, the folder (or folders) is used to construct a suite. The suite is saved under Test Suites but it is NOT executed.

Summary of new actions (I’d prefer them in the right-click menu)

Run Selection as Suite
  Katalon adds the the member Test Cases to a temporary Test Suite and discards the suite at the end.

Build Suite from Selection
  Katalon asks for a unique Suite name and adds the member Test Cases to the new Test Suite.

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