File Upload


I would like to upload a file by clicking on the “Upload” button first followed by selecting the file.

1. Click on “Upload” button

2. Upon seeing the pop-up window, select the file from the folder “Jacq”. Then, click on “Open” button to close the window.

My script can run successfully but it doesn’t click on the “Upload” button and open the pop-up window. May I know what other steps should I add in the script? Thanks in advance.

WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject(‘Manufacturer Preference/button_MfgLabelUpload’), -589, 277)


WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(‘Manufacturer Preference/button_MfgLabelUpload’), ‘C:\\\Users\\\Desktop\\\Jacq\\\ABC.txt’)

Header Details.JPG

File Upload.JPG

Is there anybody who can help? Thanks.

I also have same issue. Please help

Is there anyone who can write a simple method in response?

You can refer to this video: It provides an alternative way to interact with Upload File window using AutoIT.