File upload dynamic from any system


I need to test my webpage which supports File upload (video, audio, images). Currently, im doing it from Windows. I managed to do it . Katalon is picking the files from the location which i specified

Currently , my QUERY is below

I need to execute this from any system. we cant expect every system to have the same files in the mentioned path. Is there any way to put the files in some folder inside katalon and to use it dynamically at any time in any system?


it is possible, when you know the location within Katalon project’s folder.

String pathToFile = RunConfiguration.getProjectDir() + "//Data Files//myFile.txt"

You may need to use backslash and vice versa - depending on OS - then just simply use String.replaceAll method in some OS-detecting condition.

Thank you Mr.Marek. I will try and let you know


As im not clear, where i need to do the changes. Can you pls help me out with this

This is Katalon’s installation folder. You must put your files into project’s folder.


project root is a good place to add new folder