Extract page id from the url

for example https://new.loan.com/loan?loanId=9307
I want the loan id 9307 & use it to navigate to another url containing this id : http://my.my.loan.com/loan?loanId=9307

You could use the .split() function to separate strings into parts. The parts start at zero, so you would want the part equal 1.

def myNum = url.split(’=’)[1]

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thank you it worked :)))

What to do if you have 2 or more parameters in the query part of the URL like:


For parsing a complex string of URL, java.net.URL class is helpful.

Sample script

import java.net.URL

URL url = new URL("http://my.my.loan.com/loan?loanId=9307&foo=FOO&bar=BAR#baz")

println "protocol:${url.getProtocol()}"
println "host:    ${url.getHost()}"
println "path:    ${url.getPath()}"
println "query:   ${url.getQuery()}"
println "ref:     ${url.getRef()}"

String query = url.getQuery()
List<String> kvPairs = query.split('&') as List
kvPairs.each { pair ->
	List<String> strings = pair.split('=') as List
	println "key: ${strings[0]}, value: ${strings[1]}"


host:    my.my.loan.com
path:    /loan
query:   loanId=9307&foo=FOO&bar=BAR
ref:     baz
key: loanId, value: 9307
key: foo, value: FOO
key: bar, value: BAR
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