Extension Scripts (AKA user-extensions.js) for Custom Locator Builders and Actions

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I would compare the robustness of the different locator strategies proposed by katalon.

The html output of Katalon Recorder includes both the custom locator and the default locators but only the first locator is used to locate the objects in the page.

May I execute the same test cases by alternating the different location strategies, automatically in Katalon Studio or in Katalon Recorder?

You can create a dummy TestObject, retrieve the locators you want from the original TestObject and then initiate the action on the dummy TestObject instead. I think I saw @Russ_Thomas mentioned about creating and using TestObjects (in a discussing about Object Repository) and I think he may be of help.

Thank you for the answers.
I hoped that an automated solution is available, but from your answers it appears that only manual solutions are available.
Someone knows if there are automated solutions to this problem?