Execution.Default.WebUI -> Delay between actions. Run test suites with execution parameters


I have a case when one user writes tests locally, but he needs “Delay between actions” the value = 0, then makes a commit to Git. Already when running tests from a remote machine, I take away the latest changes from Git and run tests through TeamCity. And I need a parameter = 1. To change the value every time or every day is a bad idea.

Can I write a value of “Delay between actions” to the command line script?

hi Valeriia,
rather then adjust delay between steps based on environment i suggest to make tests more reliable based on value 0.
1. there will be always some new environment (update of old one, any change) that will need to adjust value again
2. you are loosing lot of time by just doing nothing in between test steps, with each TC you can loose 10-30 seconds based on TC.
<- those are my rules when i develop my tests.