Execute test case / suite with multiple data parallel

I have:

  • test case which logs in, checks if user logged in successfully, logs out
  • test data in Excel which contains 300 usernames (all passwords are same)
  • test suite which has test case and loops though 300 users one by one

Right now i am able to run test case in test suite, but it opens browser and runs test case for each entry in test data and it goes one by one.

Is it possible to run that in parallel ? Lets say open 10 browsers and test for 10 by 10 users ?

If its possible, please let me know or point me to documentation, because i can not find it there ?


Take a look at the “Test Suite Collection” feature, integrated with Selenium Grid…

@David Edmondson
Hello and thanks for fast reply. You gave me ideas. Now idea is to use 10 browsers in parallel to process 300 user logins, 10 user login per browser.
It looks like you are suggesting that i need to create 10 test suites, each will process 30 users and run them as test suite collection with Execution mode Parallel ? Right ?

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Yes, that is correct…