Execute Katalon Test using batch file with KRE


I want to execute Katalon test using a batch file using KRE license. Has anyone done this before?
Glad some help on this.


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if you have paid license, try creating support ticket ticket. or you can tag support squad here

What is “a batch file” ?

I don’t know this term used in the IT business domain recently in 2024.

… I seem to remember IBM System/360 Mainframes executed “batch jobs” 40 years ago.

As far as I remember, this is how script files used to be named for Windows.
It came from the ancestor, MS-DOS and is using the command “shell” (actuallly is an interpreter).
Let’s say is the equivalent of a bash script in linux.
It is still present even in latest version I think but is no longer default, now has been surpased by powershell.

@thushar.ameen you have to start reading the docs:

see the api-key part

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We started running tests with Katalon on a dedicated machine in our network for SAP test automation and indeed wanted KRE to be triggered at some point during the night, using batch file. Basically you need to generate test suite run in command line and put this in the batch file.

More details if it can help:

  • In order to generate the command line for running the Katalon project via KRE, you can
    ** Follow the documentation and build it from scratch
    ** Or use the tooltip provided from Katalon Studio, when selecting a test suite you should see the below icon/option top right, and when clicking it, a popup opens on which you need to detail:
    *** Test Suite and Profile
    *** Run with (Windows in your case)
    *** Katalon API Key is your Katalon API key which you can find or generate by connecting to TestOps Katalon TestOps, see screenshot below
    *** Then click on Generate Command and Copy To Clipboard
  • Paste your command line in a new text file via notepad or notepad++ or other text editor, then save the file as a batch file where you like, example above for the file “batchTriggerKatalonViaKre.bat”

And voila, as simple as that actually.

WARNING - When triggered, KRE needs to access the internet to check KRE license online, which may be blocked via VPN for example.

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Apologize not stating the question correctly.
Currently we run all our automation tests using Jenkins. I have a new requirement to run some test without Jenkins and use a .bat file instead. All tests are located in a VM.

I am currently looking into following document, Command-line syntax in Katalon Runtime Engine | Katalon Docs



I would recommend you to have a look at:

This article is dated 7 years ago. It wrote:

  1. PowerShell Is Microsoft’s Intended Future

The Microsfot’s Future had already come and passed years ago.

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Hello Yana,
I create a bat file to run a test suite collection on Katalon Studio Entreprise. The bat file can launch katalon studio but afterwards it was blocked by the Katalon login popup
Did you have any idea to solve this problem pleace.

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.


Hello, can you sahre your image and sahre your bat file content?
Else (not tried here I admit) maybe you can try using powershell as suggested by Kazurayam.

Hello Yann,
Thanks for your feedback.
Here is the popup that blocks me:

Here is the content of script
I think the problem is because I don’t have the KRE. Can you confirm this please?

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This shows that you could successfully started the Katalon Studio Enterprise, a GUI software.

If you want to launch your test scripts without GUI, you need to buy a Katalon Runtime Engine license.

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