Error - Write text in Excel

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner at Katalon and I’m trying to learn how to write text in Excel while a testecase runs. I used this link ( as a base and simply copied and pasted to understand its functionality. However, when executing is claiming the following error:

Cannot Invoke Method GetLastRowNum () on null object

Can someone help me solve this? I expected you to perform correctly according to the video, so I could debug and understand how the process works.



This is the most common issue in Excel and the Excel is the most widely used a software that is used in our daily professional life to store any kind of data or maintain it. Sometimes the text cannot be typed on the Excel.I’ll suggest you to contact HP Support Australia in this regarding to get some suggestion to resolve this typing issue.

@Lucas Alves Ferreira
I sometimes have the ‘null’ issue with Excel file, since there may be a few unexpected empty row at the end of the data area. A quick fix is removing these empty rows and try again.