Error when testing with TestOps and trying to run an external library

I have added the library from Katalon in the properties. I have uploaded the project to TestOps from Katalon 8.0.0 and once I want to run a test with the repository that “includes” the library. The TestOps execution gives me as erroneous. I have also observed in the temporary folder that TestOps creates in the downloaded project, in the Drivers folder, which is where the library should be, it does not appear. Does anyone know why it happens? Do you have any solution?

same problem

Hi @carlos.gosalbezguerr and @jmiclat ,

Can you please give us the error log for better troubleshoot? Thank you!

The error TestOps displays when launched is as shown in the image below.

Hi @carlos.gosalbezguerr ,

I will try to discuss internally and get back to you. In the meanwhile, can you please try running your test in Katalon Studio to verify whether or not the external library is importable. Try to follow this document: Libraries management in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs. Your support also helps us to verify this test case happening as Testops bug or Katalon bugs or lib bugs.

Thank you!

Yes, that’s right. The library is imported into the Katalon Studio program. And when used for local execution it performs correctly. There is no failure in this respect. The library is 18Mb in size, but I don’t think that’s a problem for TestOps.