Error : "Unable to save part(s) " in version 7.9.1

Hi All,

I am new new to Katalon and have just installed for POC for my org as we are looking for new tool for automation. I am getting error-- “Unable to save parts”

Katalon version- 7.9.1

I went through the community to find some solution - turns out it’s been fixed in ver 6.1.0 or 6.1.1.

I am using OS-
NAME=“Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server”
VERSION=“7.9 (Maipo)”

I wanted to know whether there’s a bug in this version and would be fixed in further releases or am i doing something wrong.
or do I need to rollback to earlier version 6.1.1 to work.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ankush.kumar6,

Please share the Error log file with us.


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