Error Popup messages shows when Click on "Scheduled Test Run" button on Testops

Hello, im sorry if my english was bad, i just want to post this case because i didn’t see any other issue related to mine.

I try to scheduled test run on testops, but when i click the button “Schedule Test Run” this error popup messages appear

in other menu, i try to view my visual testing result, i go to Reports >> Visual Testing >> Visual Baseline Collections, then i found another popup messages that kind off simillar to the previous one

Has anyone having this issue before?? i didnt know if this is about my data or is that some kind of bugs on katalon test ops, i cannot solve and find the answer for that till now

Thanks before

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Thank you for letting us know your problem. I will create a ticket for this issue for further investigation.

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@andreberlian48 Could you provide us your organization id? The issues is resolved, please check again

@qui.le This is my Organization ID : 1378418

Anyways i already tested to reproduce the issue and now its completely resolved, below is the prove screenshot :

  1. Schedule Test Run menu

  2. Visual Testing >> Visual Baseline Collections menu

Thanks for the help to resolve this issue/bugs in this short of time, really appreciate the team behind it