Environment preparation for my tests

Hi all,

I’ve been using Katalon for the past 2 years and it’s currently installed on a Windows 10 VM on my local PC, which (was) running all of my tests overnight, but since Katalon now charges for automated runs, we need to buy licences.

We are going to purchase 2 Katalon Studio Enterprise licences (one for each of our automation testers) and 1 Katalon Studio Runtime licence to run the tests nightly.

Can anyone recommend where we should install the copy of Katalon that is going to run the nightly tests? We use Azure, so do you recommend a Windows 10 VM in Azure, or would an Azure server be better? I don’t want to install it on my local, laptop as that means it needs to be on all night for the tests to run.

Note that in future we may also look to integrate it into DevOps but right now I just need to get it running again on a nightly schedule.