Encryption on Katalon

Hi All

I want to ask, what encryption is used in the Katalon library, because when I compare it with base 64 encryption the results are different.

Please help, because I have base 64 data and want to set encrypted text to login but it doesn’t work because the format is different between the base 64 that I have and the encryption on Katalon

Thank you

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I will ask my team and back to you soon


to my question above, is there any information or solution to my problem?

thank you

Your question above is saying: “I want to break the encryption that Katalon uses, so Katalon please expose your secret to public”.

If some Katalon employee exposes what encryption is used in the Katlaon library, she/he will harm the Katalon’s business. I am afraid, the person might be fired.

I believe that no one in Katalon will answer to your question.


Are you attempting to use the setEncryptedText keyword to keep the credentials (username/password) secure in a Katalon project?

Putting Katalon’s built-in Encryption keyword aside, there could be alternative ways to secure the credentials. I suppose you should look at alternatives.

For example, the following old post of mine proposes the katalon.properties. It is simple and just works. It effectively proposes excluding the credentials out of the project rather than trusting the power of encryptions.


With this jar in your Drivers folder, your test cases can load a katalon.properties file from various locations outside the Katalon project. As the katalon.properties file is stored outside the project, the credentials will not be stored in a shared git repository. This approach is pretty safe.