Password Encryption

Is there any way to encrypt password text input in Katalon ? Is there any keyword available for this or do I need to create a custom keyword?

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@Subbrao Bulbule have you solved this issue cause I’m having the same issue now?

I guess you need to write a Java function to Encrypt and decrepit the password

Hey @sandeep kumar, how would you import that function into Katalon ?

Use [WebUI] Set Masked Text if your goal is to mask input in the logs.

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Hi @Jason Roberts , My goal is to not store my password any where in Katalon.

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I think version 54.1 solves this.

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Problem has been solved in latest version…

Is it possible to do this using Profiles? I have a username and password set in different profiles, but the password is not encrypted, and the script fails when it comes to entering the password.

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i have the same question load the password from excel it seem only can use encrypted password could some one help us please

I have save the password on excel file.