Email error: Trying to debug sending an email from command prompt

I have configured in Katalon Studio the mail-settings as described in the example/documentation and I can send a test email just fine.
Host: Port: 587
Username: an allowed username that will be accepted by the mail host
Protocol: TLS

But when I execute my tests through the docker container (Docker Hub) I get the following message:

it looks like it is trying to use port 25. Again my config is set to the correct port and the Katalon Studio GUI sends a test email just fine.
When I call the docker container to execute added the following command to disable the bridging of the network (–net=host)

Hey Greg

Yep. It’s annoying. It seems sometimes 587 “takes” and others it just ignores it.

I gave up and used SendEmail downloaded from here:

You can provide your initialization settings in a batch file and call the batch from Groovy.

My batch file looks something like…

c:\path-to-sendemail\sendemail -f -t -u %3 -s -xu -xp "password" -o tls=yes -o message-content-type=html -o message-file=%1 -a %2

%1, %2 and %3 are the report file name, screenshot file and subject line, etc.

that’s a great idea! I’ll add it to the growing list of thing to work on. :slight_smile:

It is definitely something related directly to my machine and the docker network bridging. When I re-enabled the bridging the emailing worked fine.