Element is not currently interactable

Hello I´m a new user for this excellent tool.

I need help, because my work in one proyect is automate processes. The problem is:

I recoder my interaction in Google Chrome with the extension of Katalon Recoder, so far everything well. But when I need Play my record appear the next error:

Element is not currently interactable and may not be manipulated

I think it happens because the element in which I need write is disable in the previous step.

Please, help me

Could you please share some screenshots? In some situations, you might have to wait for some milliseconds.

Thank you for your answer Alex.

When I finish to complete this info:

The app enable this input (this is the input what gives error):

And this is Katalon recoder´s error:

Hi, in my opinion everything is fine :slight_smile:. If user can’t interact with this input, Your test should not use it too. Add some steps before this type that will make it interactible.