"Element click intercepted exception" error in Katalon Studio

I always get that error " Element click intercepted exception", and tried to put wait before clicking the object, but it is still the same, this object exists on all pages and almost all of them with same issue
here is the llnk:
Community App - Admin Panel
Login y@yopmail.com/Password@1

when running the test , it can’t click 3 dots object of last item, I get the above error

can u pls help?

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Hi there,

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Hi @sara.abdelfattah ,

Welcome to our community. I found the workaround from a similar discussion here: Show error: Element click intercepted - #2 by kazurayam. Please take a look

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Hi @sara.abdelfattah, :wave:

Welcome to our forum. I just want to confirm whether your question is related to Katalon Studio or Katalon TrueTest so that I could move it to the right category?


Do you run with your screen maximized so that you can see the dots without moving the scroll bar?
If you cannot see the dots without moving the scroll bar, then you will have to move the scroll bar before you can click on them, maybe using:
WebUI.clickOffset(findTestObject('scrollbar'), 60, 0)
or some other means.

Do you have something like the below as your pathway to the dots in the last row?

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Please try this:


Thanks issue is solved, but in different way

I can see the element without moving the scroll bar, and I added WebUI.maximizeWindow() to maximize the window when running the test, and I get the same error
for the pathway to the element, you mean when clicking inspect? I don’t have like that

can u pls login to the app & try it?
the link & login info in the post
this element in all pages almost and have same error when running the test

Thanks to all of you, i will read your answers & will try again

katalon studio, i get error when running the test with specific object

If you cannot right click and select “Inspect”, then you should try the F12 key and then click on “Open DevTools”. This can allow you to inspect objects on your browser and create pathways to your objects. If you need assistance, people on this forum can assist.

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Hi Sara @sara.abdelfattah, :wave:

Just checking in to see if you have tried the proposed workaround/solutions from other members in this thread yet, and whether they worked for you?


This is a common issue in Web UI automation, typically it happens when some other web element (that could be visible or NOT) overlaps in some way the element you want to interact first, for example: A Div that dysplay some ads banner, or the common “Accept the cookies first” disclaimer, etc.

My suggestion would be to detect first which element is capturing the click (you can check that digging into the log) and then try to avoid this element in some way. Some times the way i found to avoid this kind of problem was using some JavaScript to remove that element first. (Not the happy solution, but it worked)


It was solved when I created the test case again & found that the XPath of that object in the old case (which was failing with the above error) was incomplete, although I used the recorder, but same object on other modules still have the issue, I am still trying
Thank you

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