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Once you have read @ThanhTo's advice, if you still want to make it work with Katalon 7+, follow these steps.

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First - Thank you for creating this plugin - it works very well.

Question: Is there a way to output which content/text was not matched?

This would be useful for reporting the missing content/text.


Hello, any reponse for this question ? Is there anyway to capture the output, because we wanted to display the output passed or failed depends on match or mismatch between 2 pdf files…

any response ?

Hello,i have noticed that com.kms.katalon.keyword.pdf.PDF.getTextFromPage keyword will output the entire content of the file in info message which causes error in reading junit_report.xml file. Is there any way we can disable logging ? Then problem arises only when we execute from jenkins.

PDF keywords plugin is not added to katalon studio, I reloaded the plugin also. Can some one help me to add PDF keyword plugin.

I am having the same problem. My test cases that use the PDF keyword can no longer find the class file associated with the custom keyword. This seems to have just started happening after I upgraded to 7.7 from 7.4 or 7.5.

When I click Reload Plugins, I do not see PDF Keywords among my installed plugins. When I click Manage Plugins and get redirected to the Katalon Store, I can then see PDF Keywords plugin in my list of installed plugins. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin from the Katalon Store, then reloading again in Katalon Studio but it still does not appear.

Paging @Russ_Thomas @Brandon_Hein

Well, I have discovered why this plugin no longer works for me.

According to the changelog for this plugin, it’s no longer supported on version 7 of Katalon Studio.


Update: It looks like you can download the jar file from the changelog and add it to your project as a External Library. Then it can pick up the class file for the PDF Keywords plugin.

Hi @jpotrawski

I asked the team and it seems like there were some issues that prevent it from being fully compatible with 7 version. If something goes wrong, you can look at source code here and modify it as you want:

Just wanna say marking it as unsupported in 7.x is not an accident. :grinning:

Thank you for your report.


So you’re saying that by downloading the jar file and using the plugin as an External Library, I may still encounter something going wrong with the plugin since it’s not fully compatible with version 7.x?

Just want to make sure I’ve understood you correctly, because it seems to be working fine for my test cases that use it. Although, I will admit that I only really use the one method “getAllText(fileName)” which I use to verify there’s some specific information in the file.


Hi, yes. I mean specifically in the future if any of the libraries used by the keyword become outdated, it may become incompatible with 7.x (latest versions in general). I think if it’s working fine for your cases, it should be fine.

Download the jar file from here: “https://store.katalon.com/product/61/PDF-Keywords/change-logs
Add this jar file to your Katalon External Library, follow below steps:

  1. Go to you Katalon Studio
  2. Project > Settings > External Libraries
  3. Add the jar file there
  4. Hit Apply
  5. Hit Okay
  6. Refresh Katalon studio
    It’s Working…

@sshah I did all the steps from your comment, but it doesn’t work for me.

What’s your katalon version? And, Did you download jar file to your local and performed above steps?

My version is 7.7.1 and yes i did all the steps. The jar file is saved at External Libraries, but i can’t use it.