Edge driver autoupdate downloading dev preview version of driver - where does -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true get drivers?

We are doing some tests using the Katalon Studio Runtime Engine and the new chromium Edge browser using Azure DevOps pipeline. We use choco to update edge on the agent to the latest version, which is 83.

However, when we use -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true as part of the execution, our tests fail, saying that the driver only supports version 84, which has not been released yet and is only available in dev preview.

Can the driver auto-update please only download the latest released version?

Also, I am curious about the origin of the driver install packages used by autoUpdateDrivers, since driver/browser mismatch is a constant struggle and we’d like to keep things matching/current with the latest released version - if you are willing to share where/how this flag is updating the drivers.

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Katalon Runtime Engine doesn’t support the auto-update for Edge Chromium at this moment. Please try with Katalon Runtime Engine v7.5.1 to get Edge Chromium v83 support.


@duyluong thanks for your fast response - after updating the version of katalon to 7.5.1 it is working properly.


I am also seeing this issue so we had to remove the auto update config. Is a fix for this planned for a future release? I really like the auto update feature and we will have to update the webdrivers manually now. Thanks!

I made a workaround in case you might find it helpful: [how-to] workaround for chromium edge driver autoupdate not working


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