Dynamic test suite usage

what is dynamic test suite in katalon recorder,where can I use it? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am affraid this is a feature of Katalon Studio, which is a different product.
I never saw such in the docs of Katalon Recorder, but I may be wrong.

@Shakkir Dynamic Test Suites is an existing feature for all users of Katalon Recorder (…so it is not something that you require Katalon Studio for), and can be accessed via the left-hand side panel, as seen here…

You can find an explanation of what it is and how it works here: Dynamic Test Suite in Katalon Recorder | Katalon Docs

ah, ok so i was wrong.
now kindly answer to the OP question, what is it an how to use it
the doc mentioned is confusing

What part of the doc mentioned was confusing for you? I found it generally pretty easy to follow, and i’ve not had the need for this feature before. If you have any feedback on that doc, then possibly @Elly_Tran or @vu.tran or @albert.vu can assist with making revisions there, and hopefully make things clearer for you.

From my quick look at the feature, i’d describe it as a taxonomy based system, that allows you to tag an individual script (with up to a series of keywords), and then by selecting particular tags, execute all the scripts that contain the matching tag (as if one was executing a test suite).

It’s clearly a way of grouping all scripts related to a specific area, feature, type of test, etc.

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Thank you for letting us know. We would like to hear from you guys more to improve our document.