Duplicate step definition when they are actually different methods

Hello I am coming across an issue and its odd.
I have two feature and two groovy script file using SOME of the same steps. So I created the two groovy scripts with two different CLass names and renamed the methods that has the duplicate step definitions but I keep getting issues that’s its a duplicate when its NOT.

I saw videos online adding ONE feature file but not multiple features and scripts with mutual steps. Please add more cucumber resources.


Add images


Can anyone support and take a look in this issue?


Yes if someone can please assist as there is not alot of support for BDD or documentation!

You will note that in your other question, you show the headings of your two methods and your Given statements are the same and you are getting a message about “duplicate step definition”, not duplicate methods. Perhaps you can change one of the Given to state something a little different and see what happens. You can also go onto other Cucumber BDD sites and see what they say there.

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