Drop down and Text box editing on Angular JS based web application

Hi .

IN one of the Angular JS based web page automation , we are facing issue in selecting the drop down and also on entering data in multiple text box on the same page.
Drop down issue: ABle to locate the drop down, but unable to select any values within it , tried, select, select by value/index etc, yet unable to select a value.

Text box issue: there are multiple text on the same page al named as “number”, but when i enter value, all the values are being entered in the first text box field, tried identifying the text box ID and other attributes, yet unable to enter the value in respective fields.

Requesting help on the issue of mine.

Thanks in advance,

#1 - Selectby value kind of functions doesnt work. once you click on dropdown icon. Use click function to select the item from the list. Your xpath can be //a[text()=‘item1’]
2#: use index in xpath to point to right box.

Please provide more details like source code, screenshot, html source to further help u