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Hi @katalon_store_suppor team …

FIrstly thanks for this wonderful product…

Can you please share a sample project to use the AngularJS Dropdown Custom Keywords

Hi, The sample code is available in the below URL …

@thangctran & @katalon_store_suppor … The sample script fails. Could you please fix the failure and add the updated code.

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Thanks for your feedback.
I captured test objects because the GUI changed. Please get the latest code.


Thanks @thangctran for your prompt fix.

I have a quick question, does this keyword support latest Angular as well, I am asking this question, since the plugin name says AngularJS-Dropdown.

for eg.

I see you have used the below URL in your sample script

Yes, These keywords work well on the latest Angular.

Thanks you …

Does this plugin work with AngularJS multi-select dropdowns such as the ones shown here?

I’m attempting to use it on such a dropdown but am getting the error “no such element: Unable to locate element: {“method”:“xpath”,“selector”:”(//*[starts-with(@style, ‘transform-origin:’)])[last()]/descendant::ul-option[8]"}"

Did not work my project

I’m getting error on this

ERROR k.k.c.m.CustomKeywordDelegatingMetaClass - :x: element click intercepted: Element … is not clickable at point (682, 302). Other element would receive the click:

Congratulations on sharing, but I think the plug-in needs an Xpath update.

From my code the plug-in does not work, and yet it will really be of great use.

Please update it, please.

I do not understand why it is not possible to see the source code of functions?

Can you explain to me why?

Good to you

Would this also work for React Drop Down menus?


I am trying to use this plugin but keep getting the following error:

Unable to find element with xpath == (//*[starts-with(@style, ‘transform-origin:’)])[last()]/descendant::input-option[1]

The dropdown is selected properly however it cannot select the item in the listbox.

From the error message, it cannot find the element with the style ‘transform-origin’. When I check the html for the page, there is no object with the style ‘Tranform-origin’ just one with the style ‘transform: translateY(0px);’.

Does this mean the plugin will not work in my case?