Download files in Chrome headless

Hello, I have problems downloading files in chrome headless, in normal chrome they do download but in headless no.

Thanks for your help

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@Katalon_team found any solution or workaround for this?
Even Iā€™m facing the same issue.
If any solution is available please share.

Thanks in advance.

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Experiencing this issue as well. Have a file that downloads fine when the test is run in Chrome, but no sign of it when the test is run in Chrome headless. Ran searches of the entire machine in case it was downloaded to another location, but no luck. Would like to get a fix for this and to know what the default download location is, or to at least see an example of how to designate the download path in Katalon from within the Desired Capabilities for Chrome headless.

Any ideas or solutions from @Katalon_team?

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@joseph.mahoney @pavanshenoy23
There is an example here