Does Katalon Supports mainFrame Testing?

Does Katalon supports mainframe testing?If so then Can I have a example please?

I guess you need to define “mainframe”.

As far as I am aware, a mainframe is a large box of electronics, typically supplied by the likes of IBM, manufactured and tested using hardware like GenRad/Teradyne ATE and languages like PL/I.

Katalon tests software including Windows Desktop apps, browser-based apps running on PCs, tablets and phones, etc.

If “mainframe” has been co-opted to be used as a name for something else, I’m not aware of it.

I can remember HITAC 8450 mainframe. I learned programming Assembler language on it. That was my first IT experience.

I have similar question. Our application is in mainframe with 100’s of CICS [green] front end screens. Does katalon support automate testing of these screens?


any comment?