Does Katalon Recorder Support the 'xtype' Command?

Like many have stated, the recent Chrome update has broken the ability to upload files using an absolute path. I read some replies suggesting using ‘xtype’ instead of ‘type’ or ‘sendKeys’. [Chrome update disabled the file upload feature? {"code":-32000,"message":"Not allowed"} - #2 by admin - Bug Reports - UI.Vision RPA Software Forum | Discuss RPA Automation, Selenium IDE and OCR API Text Recognition]

When I tried to use ‘xtype’ I receive the error, “[error] Unknown command: xtype.”

How can I use the ‘xtype’ command in Recorder?

For reference, here is the format I’m trying to use, followed by the exact commands:


click| id=imageFile (open upload file picker)
xtype | f:\testcases\data\up1.png
xtype | ${KEY_ENTER}

My commands:

click | id=spreadsheet_upload
xtype | O:\AML_Analysis\Operations Team\Testing & Releases\Automation\AMLE - 1924_1945_WUDomCom.xls
xtype | ${KEY_ENTER}

Any help would be appreciated.

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Doesn’t seem to work, this xtype workaround… Can’t this be fixed on the Katalon Recorder side?

Cheers, Robert