Do-While loop is not working Katalon 9.0.0

Since Groovy was introduced in the new version of Katalon 9.0.0, I understood that the Do-While loop could be used. I tried the following code but got the error:
Groovy:unexpected token: do Utils.groovy

		do {
			element = driver.findElementByIosNsPredicate("label == '${text}'")
			if (!element.isDisplayed()) {
				Mobile.swipe(startX, startY, startX, endY)
		} while (!element.isDisplayed())```

Do … while does not work for me as well.

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Hi @jhilario, @kazurayam
If you want to use Groovy Syntax 3.0, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to Katalon execution folder
  • open katalon.ini
  • add -Dgroovy.antlr4=true in the end of the file and save
  • Restart Katalon Studio

Hope it can help :laughing:


I tried it, but doesn’t work in the Katalon Studio Arm64 binary.

I read an article

According to this article, there is one more necessary step. It says

Build Apache Groovy from the master branch with the Antlr4 parser:

./gradlew -PuseAntlr4=true installGroovy

I guess the Groovy parser bundled in the Katalon Studio Arm64-9.0 binary was NOT built with the Antlr4 parser.

By the way, I personally don’t need the do ... while syntax. Just I was interested in this topic.

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Can you explain more this step

./gradlew -PuseAntlr4=true installGroovy
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The article “Trying out Apache Groovy's new Antlr4 parser with Java 8 support” explains that the command is to build Groovy with the new Parser which recognizes the “do … while” syntax. The new Parser is generated using ANTLR4, a Parser Generator. The code name of the new Parser is Parrot.

I guess that Katalon Studio as v9.0.0 does not contain Groovy built with Parrot. It contains Groovy built with previous parser.

I found that Katalon Studio as v9.0.0 contains Groovy v3.0.17.

So I may be wrong in saying that Katalon Studio as v9.0.0 does NOT contain Groovy appropriately built to support do ... while ... syntax.

Then do not know why the instruction by @duc.tnguyen does not work.

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@duc.tnguyen 's instruction worked for me.

I made a silly typing mistake in the katalon.ini.





This works for me!! Thanks!! :ok_hand: