Display database result query


Please i want to display the result of a select SQL query using katalon studio

or https://store.katalon.com/product/24/DBMS-Keywords

i have successfully connected to my sql server, but i can’t see the results of my query executed in the console

i want to see the result

so, switch to the console tab. it is named ‘Console’

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in the console , i get only “true” not the database records !!

my script;

Sql sql = Sql.newInstance(dbConnString, dbUsername, dbPassword, dbDriver) // already defined values

String queryResult = sql.execute(‘SELECT * FROM Users’)


this is the value your query method returns. what else did you want from it?
you can do
queryResult = 'whatever i like to print because i don't like what the query say'
before the print.

problem solved