Differentiating between two buttons that look the same

I am trying to record a test of me using my created software and filling out a number of surveys. The way the surveys are displayed in the dashboard the names are shown and there is a button next to each one that says “start”. At first my test was working fine when I would answer the first survey, then go back and do the second, third and so on. However, when i added new surveys to the list (in random orders) I noticed that was start button was not connected to the survey itself but rather the index number for they survey. I used Web Spy to try and differentiate between each “start” button but each button comes out the same way “span_start”, how can i differentiate between various start buttons so that when i test it it will always know to start “Survey ABC” no matter where in the list it is?

Thanks! Happy to explain more if needed

Hi @swinston, this post may help: Locating objects via id? - #17 by Dave_Evers

You may also find this link very helpful: [How To] Use The Browser Developer Tools (F12 DevTools)

One more link for working with locators: