Different cucumber scripts according the website version for the same step

Hey Guys,

I’m implementing Katalon with Gherkin/Cucumber.
I have different scripts for the same gherkin step according my sofware version (to manage news fields,…).
So I implemented a Global variable with my UI version and tried some way to keep clean scripts.

Example :
The step “Then I can create a User with valid data” must be linked to the single script
@Then(“I can create a User with valid data”) located in Include/scripts/groovy/…

I tried to store my versionned scripts in another folder and copy/paste them with a listner but I can’t refresh my project I have an error :
"You can implement missing steps with the snippets below:
@Then(“I can create a user with valid data”)…"

Do you know how to manage this case ?
I would like to avoid if (version == …) Then … in my source code.

Many thanks