Dont find Global variable

I add more variable at profiles item. After that never more the old variable and new variable added has used during run TC.

It is hard to understand what you want from us… Maybe read this post:

And if you have problems with plain english you could try to use google translate maybe it spits out anything with sense :smiley:
No offense btw, just want to help.

Let me try with images.

I’m using “profiles” item to represent different environments (Ex:QA), but the last time I insert variables, change every because now dont check the variable to use.

I think you are missing an import statement in your script…

You can either go in to every script and press CTRL+SHIFT+O


right click > Source > Organize Imports …

Or just add

import internal.GlobalVariable as GlobalVariable


I hope that fixes your problem.

I fixed the issue, but the problem it’s “class” name at variable. If you have that name, “grovy” think you try create a class.


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Yes, "class’ is a reserved word of the groovy programming language. Here is a link to other reserved words NOT to be used as variables.

If you need to, you could have something like myClass or classObject, as long as it is not the reserved word.