Desired Capabilities documentation for changing Chrome's default download folder

Using Katalon Studio Enterprise; Version 7.4
Windows 7, Professional
Chrome: Version 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Hi Folks,

  1. Can someone please point me to the Desired Capabilities documentation for changing Chrome’s default download folder. My test cases are downloading pdfs/other files to my local Download folder but I would like to save the file(s) to the Katalon project for portability.
  2. Can someone suggest some documentation for copy/moving files from one folder to another.


I’ll let @Brandon_Hein answer that.

I use this:

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The following property controls where files are downloaded to when using chrome:


As with any chrome setting, you can find out which property controls a given chrome setting using my guide:

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Thanks Russ!
I also found this resource ( for working with files.
See the bottom of the page for Groovy lessons and examples.


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