[Demo & Integration] Canvas Automation with Katalon

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Today we will take a look at the video Canvas Automation using Katalon

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This project demonstrates how you can use Katalon Studio to automate Canvas applications. Canvas is something a bit tricky to automate so this project contains some of the test cases for Canvas.

What is Canvas?

A canvas is a rectangular area on an HTML page, and it is specified with the element in HTML 5.

All the objects inside the canvas can not be accessible via DOM(Xpath/CSS/Property) because of the limited access to the DOM itself. This means users usually have to find the coordinates for the objects before performing the actions.


Repository for the GitHub project

Use Cases

We have two different applications which we have used for our sample project:

Test Steps

  • We will be performing calculations (1+8=9) on the calculator.
  • Open the Web application with Canvas.
  • Capture the Canvas Object.
  • Find the Coordinates for the Targeted Object inside the Canvas.
  • Perform the action.

How to automate?

  • Canvas application is completely working on coordinates.
  • You have to find the coordinates for the object
  • Write a test script by using object coordinates.
  • Run the test script on the browser.
  • Verify the test result.

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