Date Picker when the field is hidden

Can any one guide me to insert date into the field which is hidden

Need to select the date from the calendar and then hours and followed by minute.
Pls guide me

Tricky, not least because that HTML is a bit confusing. Above that <input> element is another with the boolean attribute readonly but, weirdly, it has an onchange handler. I guess the authors like to confuse the reader and, no doubt, themselves.

Do me a favor, bring up the page in Firefox, launch the DevTools and repeat your screenshot. Firefox will add markers to show where the event handlers are attached. If you see a click handler on that control or anything nearby (perhaps one the parent elements) open it to see what it’s doing.

By the way, you do NOT want to modify the hidden control from your test case. If you do that, you’re not using automation, you’re not behaving like a real human user.