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Hello team, sometimes a single Web application is communicating with multiple micro services which has separate databases. Is it possible to add more than one database profiles inside Database settings screen. Currently I have to prepare a custom keyword to achieve it.

Hello all,
I have the same requirement as Aliasger.
I am following the below steps to test data manually, but automating this scenario using Katalon is my ultimate task -
Login to App1 to access Qlik Sense app (QSApp) (single sign-on feature)
Extract data for all customers from App1,
Extract the same data from QSApp database
Compare the two of them to see if there is any data discrepancies.

The data exported on App1 does not have the same field names / details as that on QSApp. So i am applying macros on excel to make the two files identical.

For now, I know that I can query database using Katalon, but is it possible to Query two database, extract the results and compare them, all during the test execution (run-time checks) ?
Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for you time and help!

Hello. Does anyone know how to access different databases within the same Katalon project? Thank you!

You can use Database plugin and define database connection details in global variable.


thank you Aliasger_Kiranawala it works.

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I can’t see ‘JDBC Driver’ field when try to connect DB.
Please help to check this case.



I am trying to connect the Snowflake database from Katalon studio and it’s throwing me an error related to “No Suitable driver found”. Can you provide a link to get the appropriate JDBC driver for snowflake??


@siri.korla have you tried this one?

I can’t see ‘JDBC Driver’ field too.
Please help me.


have connect msaccess driver into database connect it throw the following error.if any one knows help me