Data Files as Cucumber Examples

In Cucumbers feature files there is example data like so:

Examples: | username | password | | John Doe | ThisIsNotAPassword |

I definitely don’t want all my test data there. How to use the Data Files feature in Katalon for the Features example data? I made a real nice and fancy Excel workbook and imported all sheets as Data Files in Katalon. Now that I’m using the Cucumber/BDD stuff I can’t figure out how to use it. Any advice?

Whoa this was a while ago. Now that we have been using cucumber and gherkin for a while, I can confirm you should definitely have a ll the test data in the feature file. Then the feature files can be self contained.

Can you elaborate a bit more? I am facing this issue and would like to understand

hello, any update on this one ? for many applications which lot of data entry (100 to 150 fields per test case), cannot have all test data in feature file. Excel will be best one in that case. please share if there are any examples available

I was not able to find one that we both want, however, I have made a work-around within the step definitions of looping through like this: DataFiles data = findTestData(“Data Files/…”) for (def index : (0…data.getRowNumbers()-1)) …