Data Driven Methodology --->Cannot able to paste the data in same excel file in specific columns

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I strongly Request Katalon Team to Resolve this issue ASAP so that i can suggest this tool to different Clients as it will be helpful for your business.

Framework:Data Driven Methodology
Application :Web based

ScenarioKat_DDF_Issue :

User had created 4 columns in the excel file out of which 2 columns need to read the data from excel and paste in the application (Which are working) and other 2 columns(Amount column and Profit column) in Excel File need to copy the data from web application and paste in the Same Excel File in Specific Columns and need to repeat for 4 rows or till the iterations completed(Which is not working).

this Feature is available in HPUFT,Tosca, Selenium and Other Automation Tools.

Why we not having this feature in our Tool.

Note:Refer to the Screenshot attached


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