Customized execution report with Error, Warning and Failure logs only

I want to log Warning, Erros and Failures in script executino report and for that I had set


in file but unfortunatley it didn’t have any impact on the html/pdf recport generated after the execution completed. Though, it had impact to display less console logs.

I know the setitng about Log executed test steps —> Disabled but it will not record anything in report I believe.

Any way to log only wanring, errors and failures in end result report???

My scripts are generating more than 10MB report which I can’t email using gmail smtp server (due to size limitation) so need to reduce these logs.

This is a known problem (of sorts). The sole reason why I wrote my own reporting system way back in the day, which only dealt with failures/errors etc. Because, let’s face it, “passes” and “info” are just noise. NOBODY cares.

I think @kazurayam did some work in this area but really, what we need is a complete overhaul of the reporting/logging level system, preferably before 9.0 hits the stands.

For your interest, have a look at the following post:

Though I do not understand waht @zahid.asim want to achieve.

Though I do not understand waht @zahid.asim want to achieve.

I wish to have execution report with only those test cases which has warnings, errors or failure. Currently the execution report have all the logs for all test cases wheather pass or faile/error, no matter what you defined in file.

Katalon provides no customizability of the built-in execution report. You can not cutomize it at all.

If you are desperate, you can develop your own application that compiles any report for yourself. The following post shows what I did for myself: